3 Reasons Why You Should Always Budget

aviation-budgeting-101-chart-accountsIt is becoming a mantra by most financial gurus that , if you want to make it and be successful financially, you should always budget. Budgeting is basically a process of creating a plan to spend your money. You may wonder, why do I need a plan to spend my own money? Well, if you want to be financially independent and build wealth, you have to be begin with being financially discipline and budgeting is your only way out.
Budgeting can go beyond your personal budgeting to family budgeting where you involve your entire family’s income and expenses. My wife and I started it, it was tougher from the beginning but it got better and better. Knowing the WHY about budgeting inspires me a lot to keep doing it.
So why;
1. Budgeting helps me save for investments. Sometimes, saving or stashing money away for investments can be hard when you have a lot of things competing for the money. Sitting down to budget for a particular month gives me a clearer view of what I need, what I want, and which of these are really priorities. This exercise of budgeting helps me manage through all the numerous expenses to apportion money for investing first before I spending.

2. Budgeting stops over-spending. Believe it or not, sometimes you overspend. You borrow monies from your future, from funds you set aside yourself for other purposes like Children educational fund etc. and even borrow from friends to cover expenses – Over-spending! The best way out is budgeting. I guess you have noticed by now, I didn’t even  write anything about being discipline with your budget, yes, we will get there soon. But for now, develop the habit of budgeting.

3. Budgeting stops you from worrying. I will be quick to state that, for the men who engage their families or simply put, wives in the budgeting process, you gain the power to control the budget. There will be no worries because you set the restrictions yourself and once you do that, you need to stick to them. That is how good budgeting is. With the family involvement, everyone is going to be held accountable by the budget hence no one can go beyond. that is your way out bro. 🙂 Try it.  When the demand comes all you will say is, “Is that in the budget? if not, put it in the next month’s budget.” That’s 2 years of life you have bought for yourself by not worrying unnecessarily.

So now that you know, let’s find out more on how to budget and make it useful to us.

Midweek on the Ghana Stock Exchange – It’s all win win win.

The winning streak of the stock market was stretched to seven successive sessions, as the GSE-Composite index rose 2.18 points to close mid- week trading at 1,939.25 points. The year-to-date change now stands at 14.81%. Financial stocks returned 0.15% today as the GSE-Financial Stock Index moved 2.7 points above Tuesday’s closing, to 1,799.79 points, bringing the year-to-date return on financial stocks to 16.46%.

SOGEGH dominated trading on Wednesday, accounting for 92.41% of the 0.56 million shares traded and 58.37% of the GHS0.68 million realized from trading. The volume and value traded increased by 2-folds and 65.06% respectively.
Gainers included EGL, FML, SCB, and SCP PREF. SIC and SOGEGH on the other hand, recorded a drop in their share prices. 

sheVestorAfrica Storms Africa-  ‘MEET&GREETAFRICA 2017’ right at your doorstep

shev afriTo all young African women or let me say sheVestors out there, it’s time to get your finances in order and plan a greater future. You might be doing ‘good’ so far from reading financial books, but remember, ‘Good is an enemy of Great’. It’s time to be great and excel beyond the ordinary.

You can begin by hitching your wagon to something greater. To the next level of investment and financial growth.  To revolutionary thinkers and top notch entrepreneurs. To sheVestor Africa.
sheVestor Africa is a community that empowers young African women with financial knowledge to become financial literates and hone their financial skills in order to be financially empowered.

Mission: To Inspire, Connect, Educate and Equip the community and spur them on to actively hone their financial skills and participate in Africa’s growth story.


sheVestor Africa and her super awesome crew with top notch experts will be coming to Mauritius, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia  and Uganda.

The Meet and Greet Event will introduce the #sheVestorAfrica  community and create awareness on the importance of financial education in building financially stable young African women.
The mind blowing aspect of this is that, it’s FREE!!!!!

Expert-led sessions with entrepreneurs who will share their financial journey among interesting fun activities.

sheVestor Africa presents #MeetnGreetSierraLeone, a one day  introduction, learning and networking event for young African women who are keen on becoming financially independent and building  a stable financial life.

Speakers for #MeetnGreetSierraLeone are:

Christine Sesay  – Founder, Africa’s Moneypreneur and Co-founder, Freetown Business school.

Ariana Oluwole – Founder, Narnia Daycare.

Date:   30th Jun, 2017

Venue :  Africell American Corner, Bathurst street, Freetown.

REGISTER FOR FREE: https://goo.gl/forms/zRwZ44U57rlDsPtB2

Follow sheVestor Online:
Join the community via  http://shevestorafrica.org/join-our-community/

fb https://www.facebook.com/sheVestorAfrica/




7th AGM of First Fund Ltd; Find out more..

Advert for firstbanc (1)NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Seventh Annual General Meeting of

First Fund Limited (the “Company”) will be held at the British Council
Auditorium, Accra on Tuesday, June 6, 2017 at 8.30 a. m. to transact
the following business:
Ordinary Business
1. To receive the report of the Chairman.
2. To receive the report of the Chief Investment Officer / Fund
3. To receive and consider for adoption the Reports of the Directors,
Auditors and the Financial Statements for the year ended December 31,
4. To confirm the appointment of new Directors to the Board.
5. To determine and approve the remuneration of Directors.
6. To authorize the Directors to determine/fix the remuneration of the
Auditors for the 2017 audit.
Dated this 26th day of April 2017.

Brenda Semevo Afari (Mrs.)
Company Secretary


NOTE: A member of the company entitled to attend and vote is permitted
to appoint a proxy to attend and vote instead of him/her. A proxy need
not be a member of the Company. In order to be valid for the purpose
of the meeting, the PROXY FORM must be completed and deposited at the
Company’s registered office, 12th Floor, World Trade Centre,
Independence Avenue, Ridge, Ambassadorial Enclave, Accra, Ghana NOT
LESS THAN 48 HOURS before the appointed time of the meeting.

Stock Market: Losses in 2 equities forced GSE down

The stock market’s three-day winning streak was halted today, as the major indices recorded negative returns. Losses in two financial equities forced the GSE-Composite Index down 0.72 points, to close at 1,904.75 points. The GSE-FSI also lost 0.97 points to close trading at 1,800.10 points.

Trade volume and value declined by 40.36% and 56.17% compared to the previous session, as 0.49 million shares were exchanged for GHS0.32 million. UTB led the market in terms of volume with 59.95%, while FML led in terms of value, with 42.54%.

SOGEGH was the only gainer. EGH and HFC recorded negative price changes.