Investors get richer as Ghana Stock market records win again & again

The stock market returned 0.36% at the close of trading today, following gains in five equities. The GSE-Composite Index and the GSE-Financial Stock Index closed at 2,275.74 points and 2,100.02 points respectively. The 8.15 points leap in the market benchmark pushed the year-to-date return to 34.73%.

A total of 0.76 million shares were traded for GHS1.16 million. Trade volume and value doubled compared to trades from the previous session respectively. TOTAL dominated trading with 51.45% of the shares traded and 75.26% of the total trade value.

EGL reached a new year-high after gaining GHS0.22 to close at GHS2.90. Other gainers were CAL, GCB, GOIL, and UNIL. UTB was the sole loser.

Courtesy- CBL Research

GSE Stocks: My 6 Technical Picks regardless of Intrinsic Value

The Ghana Stock Exchange has been performing really bad so far this year. The GSE Composite Index is 9.20% down as at today and the GSE Financial Stock Index is even worse,  recording –11. 38% loss. It looks like there is no hope for there rest of the year although the economy is predicted to get better.
Looking through the various listed stocks,  I see a number of companies that are trading significantly lower than they used to trade in the past years when the market was performing averagely well.
Using my technical analyst’s eye, I won’t hesitate to buy shares in these companies knowing that when the stock market gets back booming,  they will go higher than their current market prices.
1.  HFC BANK (HFC). – HFC is currently trading at 0. 85p and has been trading lower than it has been in the past.  There could be other factors but looking at the General performance of the Financial Stocks this year,  I am hoping it will get back to the tens (that’s trading around Ghc 1.2 – its current year high). 
2.  MECHANICAL LLOYD (MLC) – MLC is currently trading at 0.18p which happens to be its year low and  it recorded a year high of 0. 21p.  I have seen it trade around this range (20s range) for sometime and holding other factors constant,  It’s making a nosedive due to the current pressure in the market.
3.  ALUWORKS (ALW) – ALW is currently trading at 0.09p and has probably experienced more pressure or shock from the systematic risk in the market than most companies. In the past years it has been trading in the double digits (around 0. 14p).  At a point in this year,  it went as low as 0.07p.
4.  ECOBANK TRANSNATIONAL INC (ETI) – ETI is currently 0.17p and heavily responsible for the market’s down turn.  Trading of it is still active on the bourse and I won’t hesitate to buy if my objective is long term focused. It recorded a year high of 0.27p.
5. STANDARD CHARTERED BANK (SCB) – SCB is currently trading at Ghc 15.10 and in my opinion it’s quite lower than it’s performance in the past years on the exchange.  Exactly a year ago,  it was trading at Ghc 20.29. There could be other factors causing it’s current performance aside the risk in the economy but it’s a buy for me.
6.  TOTAL PETROLEUM  (TOTAL )– TOTAL is currently trading at its year low, which is Ghc 4.3.  Last year,  it traded as high as Ghc 6.10 despite the global pressure on oil. As oil prices begin to see a improvement, we shall see how that will reflect in the price of TOTAL. 
So now you know my take based on historical performance of prices. As I mentioned,  there are alot more factors responsible for the price changes in securities on the GSE and could be why some are trading so low but my analysis did not regard any of those factors. One major systematic risk affecting the market is the attractively high returns from Government securities (e.g. Treasury bills) which serves as an alternative for investors. 

Ghana Stock Exchange recorded a 3rd straight win as new year-highs ended mid-week trading

Let us see what happened on the Ghanaian stock market so far in this week. Having gone three successive sessions without a positive return, the Ghana Stock Exchange-Composite Index picked up 7.74 points, to close trading at 1,042.37 points. The change brought the year-to-date return to 7.74% as at Monday. Gains in Ecobank Transnational Inc,(ETI) and UT Bank (UTB) ended a five-day losing streak as the GSE-Financial Index climbed 10.76 points clear of Friday’s closing at 872.12 points.
A total of 0.20 million shares
were traded, more than double the previous session’s, for a sum of GHS0.25 million, a 7.39% decline. SIC Insurance recorded the highest volume of trade while Unilever (UNIL) accounted for 47.97% of the turnover. ETI, UNIL and UTB gained a pesewa each and no losses were recorded on Monday.

At the next session, the stock market gained more ground, recording a second straight win, following positive returns on Benso Oil Palm Plantation (BOPP) and Ghana Oil (GOIL) stocks. The GSE-Composite Index rose 0.18 points to close at 1,042.55 points. Downward movement in UTB drove the financial stock index 0.79 points lower, to close at 871.33 points. The turnover decreased from GHS0.25 million to GHS0.19 million though the trade volume more than double to 0.51 million shares. Standard Chartered (SCB) led the market in terms of value with 42.62%, while Aluworks (ALW) led in terms of volume, accounting for 86.15% of the shares traded. GOIL hit a record GHS0.56, up GHS0.01 from GHS0.55. BOPP also saw its share price go up but losses were recorded in ALW, UTB and the New Gold ETF (GLD).
In Wednesday’s session, the market benchmark recorded a third straight win, closing at 1,044.12 points, up 1.57 points from 1,042.55 points. The change brings the year-to-date return to 7.75%. The GSE-Financial Stock Index remained unchanged at 871.33 points as financial stocks stayed flat.
A total of 0.68 million shares were traded, 79.18% of which were ALW stocks. The turnover increased from GHS0.19 million on Tuesday to GHS0.27 million, with Fan Milk (FML) accounting for the largest share; 18.83%.
FML and UNIL hit a New year-highs of GHS3.00 and GHS8.37 respectively. ALW regained the pesewa it lost on Tuesday, closing at GHS0.05 from GHS0.04. On the downside, GOIL dropped from its GHS0.56 all-time high to close at GHS0.55. GLD also declined by 0.36% to close at GHS32.90.

Ecobank Ghana (EBG) held lion’s share of trade value – Market records worst performance

CBL: The Stock Market recorded its worst day-on-day performance today, as the major indices (GSE Composite Index & GSE Financial Stock Index) fell, following losses in three equities. The GSE-Composite Index returned -0.96% as it fell 10.04 points from 1,040.70 points to 1,030.66 points. The GSE-Financial Stock Index closed at 883.00 points, from 893.32 points.
CAL BANK was dominant in terms of volume traded, accounting for

21.44% of the 0.12 million shares traded, while Ecobank Ghana (EBG) held the lion’s share of the trade value, accounting for 42.68% of the GHS 0.13 million realized. Compared to the previous session, trade volume and value declined by 46.23% and 57.14% respectively.

Enterprise Group ltd (EGL) was the only gainer and was up GHS0.01 to close at GHS0.29. Ecobank Transnational Inc. (ETI) and SIC Insurance Co. however, declined by the same margin, to close at GHS0.12 and GHS0.32 respectively. PBC Ltd, a produce buying company, slipped by GHS0.03 to close at a year-low of GHS0.21.
Coutesy: CAL Brokers Ltd

Tues. 15.05.12: Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) Market Update.

Tuesday GSE Market Update:

The second day of trading on the Ghana Stock Exchange this week has ended with some equities trading shares.
A 3.26% price gain in Tullow Oil (TLW) pushed the GSE-Composite index up, despite losses in two equities, to close the day at 1,048.50 points from 1,048.38 points. The change brings the year-to-date return to 8.20% as reported by CAL Brokers.
Courtesy: CAL Broker Ltd. (15.05.2012)

The Financial Stock Index however, declined by 0.69 points to close at 908.83 points.

A total of 0.99 million shares valued at GHS 0.50 million were traded. The trade volume and value, compared to the previous session, increased by more than five and six times respectively.

CAL Bank (CAL) dominated trading in terms of volume, accounting for 78.57% of the total trade volume while Unilever Ghana (UNIL) led in terms of value with 47.39%.

TLW was the only gainer.  Benso Oil Palm Plantation (BOPP) and Enterprise Group ltd (EGL) recorded losses.

Courtesy: Ghana Stock Exchange & CAL Brokers

Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE): Market update for Friday, 11.05.12

Friday GSE Market Update:

Let’s look at what happened in the market today. The market closed on a bad note recording losses in four equities. The GSE-Composite Index closed the week at 1,050.34 points from 1,053.65 points. 

GOIL dominated trading for the third time in five successive sessions, the sixth in ten sessions, with 67.79% of the 0.4million shares traded and 58.86% of the GHS0.20million realized.
The corresponding year-to-date change for the exchange is 8.39%. The GSE financial stock benchmark fell 0.99 points to close trading for the week at 908.34 points.
Trade volume and value increased by 51.75% and 93.65% respectively, when compared with the previous session as reported by CAL Brokers.

Aluworks Ltd (ALW), Guinness Ghana Brewery Ltd (GGBL) and Ghana Oil Company Ltd (GOIL) gained a pesewa each to close at GHS0.07, GHS1.76 and GHS0.41 respectively. 
Meanwhile losses were recorded in four equities, PZ Cussons Ghana Ltd (PZC), Tullow Oil (TLW), Total Petroleum (TOTAL) and HFC Bank (HFC).

Analysts predict similar trend in stock prices for next week.
CAL Brokers still recommends Benso Oil Palm Plantation (BOPP) and Enterprise Group Ltd (EGL) for the fourth successive week.

Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE): Market Update: 08.05.12

In today’s trading on the Ghana Stock Exchange, the GSE Composite Index went up by 7.13 point to close at 1,059.64 points. A gain in the share price of Ecobank Transnational Incorporated (ETI) held off the losses in two other equities to push the Index.
Since ETI is a financial stock, the GSE Financial Stock Index also closed at 921.40 points from a previous of 910.92 points. This Index is still trading below the base index of 1000 points. As reported by CAL Brokers (CBL), the overall market return climbed to 9.35%.
The volume of shares traded increased by 57.81% amounting to a 12.93% increase in value, compared to the previous session. About 0.28 million shares valued at GHS 0.11 million were traded.
Out of the total volume traded, GOIL out-performed all other equities by trading 83.45 % of volume and this is about 77.09% of the traded value.
ETI was the only gainer and although it closed at GHS 0.14 from GHS 0.13 (1 pesewa gained), it had the capacity to move the market index up by some points despite the loses recorded by Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) [ -0.1%] and TOTAL [-0.15%] to close at GHS 51.30 and GHS 26.14 respectively.

Courtesy: Ghana Stock Exchange & CAL Brokers Ltd (CBL)