Crypto-Currencies: My fears solidly backed by Aswath Damodaran’s views

CryptocurrencyIf you have noticed, my stand on investing in cryptocurrencies has been really shaky because it is something I don’t understand too well and cannot comprehend how cryptocurrencies can become the future currency. People who call me for advice on this didn’t get anything solid but skepticsm and doubt of the prospects of these cryptos.
The buzz has caught many people in believing that but I have always had some reservations.

This feeling was put into the right perspective and expertly analyzed by my good professor, Aswath Damodaran in his latest post on his blog entitilted The Crypto Currency Debate: Future of Money or Speculative Hype?

Crypto currency is being priced and not valued. Looking at the charts on Bitcoin performance and what moves a lot of people into thinking it is the way forward, it is only the pricing that is being focused on. The actual value of it, I cant tell. The sad and scary thing is, there is no Centralised Authority for all these cypto-currencies like all other securities.

Unless the technology behind crypto-currencies advance beyond what I am thinking now, it’s just going to keep trading as a derivative and not become a true currency or a replacement of our currencies. You can’t value a currency, you can only price them against other currencies – exchange rates. It is quite sad that most young people are beginning to see crypto currency as the gold.

No body can tell you better. Get the full explanation and intellectual analysis of the future of Crypto currencies and how they can never be accepted as currencies from my coach , valuation expert, Aswath Damodaran – Professor of Finance at the Stern School of Business.

sheVestorAfrica Storms Africa-  ‘MEET&GREETAFRICA 2017’ right at your doorstep

shev afriTo all young African women or let me say sheVestors out there, it’s time to get your finances in order and plan a greater future. You might be doing ‘good’ so far from reading financial books, but remember, ‘Good is an enemy of Great’. It’s time to be great and excel beyond the ordinary.

You can begin by hitching your wagon to something greater. To the next level of investment and financial growth.  To revolutionary thinkers and top notch entrepreneurs. To sheVestor Africa.
sheVestor Africa is a community that empowers young African women with financial knowledge to become financial literates and hone their financial skills in order to be financially empowered.

Mission: To Inspire, Connect, Educate and Equip the community and spur them on to actively hone their financial skills and participate in Africa’s growth story.


sheVestor Africa and her super awesome crew with top notch experts will be coming to Mauritius, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia  and Uganda.

The Meet and Greet Event will introduce the #sheVestorAfrica  community and create awareness on the importance of financial education in building financially stable young African women.
The mind blowing aspect of this is that, it’s FREE!!!!!

Expert-led sessions with entrepreneurs who will share their financial journey among interesting fun activities.

sheVestor Africa presents #MeetnGreetSierraLeone, a one day  introduction, learning and networking event for young African women who are keen on becoming financially independent and building  a stable financial life.

Speakers for #MeetnGreetSierraLeone are:

Christine Sesay  – Founder, Africa’s Moneypreneur and Co-founder, Freetown Business school.

Ariana Oluwole – Founder, Narnia Daycare.

Date:   30th Jun, 2017

Venue :  Africell American Corner, Bathurst street, Freetown.


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Why you should start investing early

I found this on Pinterest ( and I think it’s worth sharing. It is definitely worth your time. 

Personal Finance Tips for the New Year

As the year draws to an end, I will be sharing with you some personal finance tips that helped me manage my finances and simply life as well as investing.

1. Bank Accounts:

Let’s begin with bank accounts. In 2016, I stuck to the use of bank accounts as an outlet for cash inflows and simply as that.
Not even a peny was allowed to stay in it.
My Salary and other streams of income pass through it and are moved to where they really belong – (Investment accounts).
Keeping too much cash in your bank account is not something I’ll advice. The worse form of this is when the bank account is a current account. You don’t only lose the value of your money over time, you also get charged. 
Another thing to avoid is the little ATM or VISA charge. The more transaction you make, the more you pay.

2. Carry less Cash:
When you carry less cash on you, there is greater possible of you living within your means. This has been my way of controlling my spending. This is a powerful tool and if practiced well, you turn tospend less and even in the case where you have loads of cash on you, you won’t feel like spending it on unnecessary items.

In my next post, I’ll share some of the apps I use to manage movement of money and personal finance.

Why you should put all your eggs in one basket

Today I was reviewing my Investment Coaching notes and preparing for my next session and then I came across a quote from Will Rogers that says; 

“Don’t gamble! Take all your savings and buy some good stock and hold it till it goes up. If it won’t go up, don’t buy it.” 

 I think it is a very deep quote that will get you  to do more work on finding a good stock than you will expect. It seems as a good Investment policy to adopt but the questions that will follow are; how do you know it will go up? How do you get rid of some risk though diversification?

After thinking this through over and over again, I strongly agree that when the right work is done in finding the right and good stock / company, putting everything you’ve got in it is simple a smart move allowing yourself to achieve high long term growth even if that means accepting some significant short term swings in value.  I am very much aware of the squad at the other side of the room with the view that, it is unwise to put all your eggs in one basket.  My question to them is what if the basket is well protected and the eggs are so safe that nothing can go wrong?  
I see that form of investment as a way of building your wont small cap company and enjoying the returns. With you putting in more and more, you may even get to enjoy some degree of management control.  According to Rich Dad, Kiyosaki, this will require the Three E’s- Excessive cash, Education and Experience. He called it the Insider Investor.

Bottom Line: Spreading investment across a number of assets will eliminate risk but not all of the risk and hence you should rather Take all your savings and buy some good stock and hold it till it goes up. If it won’t go up, don’t buy it.

How do you find a great investment

I was listening to an audio by Robert Kiyosaki on this topic, “How to find great Investments” and I’ll like to share with you some lessons.
Some people see saving with the banks as an investment, others refer to mutual fund investments as great investment but to Robert Kiyosaki they are not great. And I kind of side with him a little, knowing where he is coming from. With regards to the Ghanaian economy, gaining 20% to 30% on an investment like a mutual fund could be a great investment considering the effort and time put in it.
The best investments are the ones you can control, according to Robert. And education is what gives you control. The more you know about an investment being it Stocks, Businesses, Real Estate, Options or forex trading etc, the more you have control and the more you stand the chance of succeeding.
In order to be a successful investor, you need to look for VALUE. Yes, where is the value, and then you project the value into the future. How much will this be worth 5 years from today when I fix this or that or make this or that changes?

Real wealth builders should look at starting a business or real estate according to Kiyosaki.

Principles for Investment into Businesses:
1. Know how to read and interpret the numbers. The numbers tell a story and you have to be able to understand the numbers to understand the story. You need to have control over financial statements.
2. Learn the vocabularies involve in running a business.
3. Start small.
4. Note that it is your education that makes you money and not the amount you invessted.
5. Cash flow is key to growing a business. Look for cash flow. It is the amount of money that comes in and goes out.
6. Watch the trend. Know the trend because they impact your business. Some trends could be technology related. Understand the trend and the industry.
7. Look for great partners.

Principles for Real Estate Investments:
1. Invest first for cash flow and then for capital gains.
2. Use leverage when investing.
3. See investments with your mind.
4. Train your mind to see what your eyes cannot see.
5. Invest some time in your education.
6. Make the necessary links.
7. Dont risk your money investing in mutual funds.
8. Pit in the time and the effort.
9. Find a property that is losing money or not making money and make it into one that makes money.
10. The Income of your properties are affected by Your Rent, Vacancy Rate, (look for properties that are being mismanaged. High Vacancy is an opportunity) and finally Other Income (renting out parking space etc)
11. In finding a good investment, one of the first thing to ask yourself is, what’s my experience, what are you good at.

Investing is a fun game to play. Start it and enjoy playing.

Living with an Emergency Fund

Live with an emergency fund: I’ve always had something wrong with this concept of “living with emergency fund”- that’s saving an amount of money that you can refer to in case of emergencies, simply because I thought I don’t have enough to buy stocks and other long term securities thus why should I keep some in emergency funds. However I think, it’s the right thing to do in other to safeguard your valuable investments. I have had situations in my life that required me to quickly sell my investments before they matured. This is very unfortunate and in order to prevent deeping your hand in to your portfolio, it’s always adviceable to ……… read more here: