GSE recorded the highest single trade ever (Ghc 221.78mn)

The GSE Composite Index lost 2.23 points, after ETI stocks recorded a negative price change. The benchmark index closed today’s trading at 1,796.31 points, with a year-to-date return of 6.35%. The GSE-Financial Stock Index also recorded a negative return of 0.25% as one financial stock slipped. The index closed trading today at 1,684.95 points from 1,689.21 points.
Trade volumes and values more than doubled compared to that of the previous sessions. CAL dominated trading by a volume of 99.97 % and a value of 99.95%.The total volume of shares traded was 151.88 million, valued at GHS221.78 million the highest single trade ever.
Six equities appreciated whiles ETI lost ground today. – CBL

GSE-CI drops following decline in CAL stock price

The GSE-Composite Index fell 0.41 points from 1,777.33 points to 1,776.92 points, following losses on CAL share price. The resulting year-to-date return was -10.93%.

The GSE financial stock also lost ground, dropping 0.89 points to close trading at 1,652.55 points.

The total value traded was GHS13.55 million, more than twice of the mide-week’s trade value of GHS5.45 million. A total of 1.67 million shares changed hands, more than 2 folds the previous session. FML traded the most shares with 95.29% of the volume traded and 99.98% of the value respectively.

FML and SIC climbed, gaining a pesewa each, while CAL saw a decline is its share price.

Courtesy: CAL Brokers Ltd

CAL Bank & StanChart’s Earnings up for 3rd Quarter

CAL Bank Ltd, (CAL) a GSE listed stock reported a 9-months profit after tax of GHS 64.86 million, up 115% year on year. Total Assets grew by 39% from GHS1.02 billion in Q3 2012, to GHS 1.42 billion. The bank experienced a 50.3% growth in the loan book, from GHS 639.00 million in Q3 2012, to GHS 960.27 million in Q3 2013.

Standard Chartered Bank, (SCB) reported an 80.4% year on year growth in net profits for Q3 2013, from GHS80.19 million in Q3’12 to GHS 144.62 million. Total assets of the bank increased by 54.9% to GHS 3.49 billion. 

CAL Bank and GCB drove the GSE-Financial Stock Index to a record high: Find out how?

The GSE recovered from Tuesday’s loss, following price appreciation on four stocks. The market returned 0.20% today as the GSE-Composite Index climbed 3.66 points to close mid-week trading at 1,835.76. Currently, the year-to-date return on the bourse is 53.02%. The year-to-date return on financial stocks rose 68bps to 55.61% as CAL and GCB drove the GSE-Financial Stock Index 7.07 points clear of the previous closing, to a record high of 1,618.17.

A turnover of 1.56 million shares resulted in a consideration of GHS2.70 million. The shares traded today was more than seven times that of the previous session. Nearly 70% of the volume traded was accounted for by CAL while EBG’s total trade value of GHS1.47 million, represented 54.61% of the total value traded.

CAL and GCB leaped to record highs, closing at GHS0.80 and GHS4.50 respectively. GGBL and FML also recorded gains. Losses were recorded in SCB, SG-SSB and TOTAL.

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Earnings Season on the Ghana Stock Exchange: Half Year Reports

We are in the first half Earnings Season on the Ghana Stock Exchange and in my earlier post about Benso Oil Palm Plantation (BOPP), i.e. Half Year Performance of BOPP, I looked at how BOPP performed on the exchange and for the first half. Below are the various performances for some of the companies listed on GSE.

UT Bank
UT Bank Ltd (UTB), an indigenous bank, have reported an 89.23% surge in profit after tax, from GHS 4.69m in 2011 half year results to GHS8.87m for the same period in 2012.
The bank’s loan book stood at GHS 579.17m, an increase of 51.73% when compared with the GHS381.72m in the first half of 2011.

Price Movement on GSE: UTB

TOTAL Petroleum Ghana Ltd, TOTAL’s net profits for the half year grew by 51% from GHS11.72m in the previous year to GHS17.70m in 2012. Revenue for the period was GHS257.29m, a 23.63% increase from the same period last year.
Tullow Oil Plc, TLW’s earnings for the first half of the year was USD566.90m, a 63.23% growth over last year’s USD347.30m recorded in the same period. The oil producer has also announced the appointment of Anne Drinkwater as a Non-executive Director.

Price movement on GSE: TLW

Mechanical Lloyd Company (MLC)
Mechanical Lloyd Company Ltd (MLC), profits were up 53.50% to GHS1.10m in the first half of 2012. Assets of the company grew by 20.37% from GHS29.73m in 2011 to GHS35.78m in 2012.
Camelot Ghana Ltd
Camelot Ghana Ltd (CMLT), have reported a 38.41% growth in profit after tax from GHS 0.12million in the second quarter of 2011, to GHS0.17m for the same period in 2012. The company’s assets stood at GHS 4.27m, an increase of 16.57% when compared with the GHS3.66m in the first quarter of 2011.
Starwin Products ltd
The net profit for Starwin Products Ltd (SPL) for the half-year increased by 60.75% over the same period last year. The company reported a net profit of GHS0.22million for the period.
CAL Bank
CAL Bank Ltd, CAL, have reported a 206.17% surge in net profits for the half-year, from GHS5.90m in 2011 to GHS18.07 in 2012, just 1.47% less than the net profits reported for the 2011 financial year.  The bank’s assets grew from GHS589.31million in 2011 to GHS980.97m, representing a 66.46% growth.
Ecobank Ghana
Ecobank Ghana Ltd, EBG, profits were up 52.83%, from GHS36.62m in the second quarter of 2011 to GHS55.97m in the same period of 2012. The company’s assets are GHS3.07b, a 66.17% increase from half-year 2011. The bank’s loan book grew significantly from GHS527.04m to GHS1.25 billion.
Ayrton Drugs (AYRTN)
AYRTN recorded a GHS16.93 million turnover for the 9-Month period ending June 2012. The value is 15.91% above the GHS14.60 million recorded in the same period of 2011. This is below the company’s target (about GHS18 million) and this is largely due to the upgrade of the company’s factory (around April/May 2012) which affected production levels and by extension affected the revenue. Cost of sales also went up from GHS8.55 million to GHS10.02 million representing a 17.18% rise.
AYRTN’s other income grew by about seven times to GHS0.09 million for 2012. The growth is from the gains the company made from marketing the products of other foreign pharmaceutical firms. .
Selling and Distribution Expenses increased by 32.34% from GHS1.70 million in 2011 to GHS2.55 million in 2012. The hike in expenditure was partly due to the vans the company acquired in anticipation of high sales and marketing activities for the year.
Standard Chartered Bank
Standard Chartered Bank (Ghana), SCB, net profits for the half year ending June 30 grew by 46.22%, from GHS39.2m in the previous year to GHS57.32m in 2012. Net interest income however, declined by 3.51% to GHS73.11m, from GHS75.77m in 2011. The bank’s assets stood at GHS2.32b, a 26.96% increase from GHS1.83b in the same period of 2011.
Ghana Commercial Bank
Ghana Commercial Bank, GCB, profits were up 45.00% to GHS49.71m in the period under review. The company’s assets are GHS2.66billion, a 19% increase from half year 2011. The bank’s loan book stood at GHS642.63m, a 55.13% increase compared to the GHS414.25m reported in the same period last year.

Price Movement on GSE: GCB

Source of Data: CBL

Guinness Ghana Brewery Ltd. (GGBL) dominated trading with 43.05% of the trade volume to close the week on GSE

Trading began on Tuesday this week because of the holiday. The stock market’s five-day winning streak for last week was halted as losses in two equities forced the GSE-Composite Index 7.08 points lower at 1,038.40 points. The GSE-Financial Stock Index recorded a 1.01% decline
to close at 890.79 points, as the losses recorded on Tuesday were those of financial stocks.
Trade volume declined by 66.62%, compared to the previous session, as 0.09million shares exchanged hands for a sum of GHS 0.09 million, 27.77% less than the previous session. Ecobank Transnational Inc. (ETI) dominated trading in terms of volume with 19.42% of the shares traded, while UNILEVER dominated in terms of value, accounting for 34.43% of the turnover.

CAL Bank was the sole gainer, closing at a year-high of GHS0.30, from GHS0.29. ETI and SIC Insurance declined by a pesewa each to close at GHS0.13 and GHS0.32 respectively. 

Trading continued on Wednesday and on this day GSE-Composite Index climbed 2.30 points to close at 1,040.70 points, following gains in three equities, bringing the year-to-date change to 7.40%. The financial stock benchmark followed suit, closing 2.61 points higher at 893.32 points
A total of 0.22 million shares were traded between 15 equities, for a sum of GHS 0.31 million. Trade volume was more than double that of the previous session while the turnover more than tripled. Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) led the market with 51.96% of the volume recorded and 75.74% of the total trade value.

GCB gained 3pesewas to close at a year-high of GHS 2.00. Other gainers were Fan Milk Ltd (FML) and SIC, closing at GHS1.95 and GHS 0.33 respectively. On the downside, Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) declined by a pesewa to close at GHS 46.08 for the day.
On Thursday, Ecobank Ghana (EBG) held lion’s share of trade value and Market recorded worst performance. (click to read more on that.)

For the last day of the week, the local bourse returned 0.14% as gains in three equities pushed the GSE-Composite Index 1.47points higher, to close at 1,032.13 points. The financial stock benchmark however, dropped 0.96 points to 882.04 points, as no gains were recorded in financial stocks as against a decline in SCB’s stock price.
With 0.46 million shares trading, the day’s volume was nearly four times the previous session and the turnover of GHS0.62 million, more than four times the previous session. GGBL dominated trading with 43.05% of the trade volume and 76.15% of the trade value.

Five price changes were recorded today. Three gainers, FML, GGBL and TLW, with GGBL closing at a year-high of GHS2.35. SCB and TOTAL recorded losses.

Source of Data: CAL Brokers Ltd & Ghana Stock Exchange

Ghana Stock Exchange: Market Update [ 31.05.12 ]

CAL Brokers (CBL): 

Further decline in the major indices on the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE), means performance in the month of May has been the worst this year, with 13 losses in 21 sessions.  The GSE-Composite Index returned -0.05%, following losses in two equities, to close trading at 1,022.95 points, down 0.54 points. The change represents a year-to-date return of 5.56%.
The Financial Stock benchmark closed 0.67 points lower at
881.71 points.
A total of 0.37 million shares valued at GHS 0.18 million traded. Trade value declined in the market by 43.43%, compared to the previous session’s, though volume traded more than tripled. SG-SSB had the largest share of the volume traded with 38.99% of the total volume. Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) dominated in terms of value, accounting for 36.90% of the turnover.

CAL Bank (CAL) and  Tullow Oil (TLW) recorded losses. There were no gainers in the market for today.

Coutesy: CBL & GSE