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Update: Cal Bank Bonus Share Issue

Enterprise Group Ltd (EGL): AGM, Top Shareholders, Summary of Financials

Enterprise Group Ltd (EGL) has announced date for its AGM. Annual General Meeting will be held at Advantage Place, Mayor Road, Ridge West, Accra on Tuesday 12 June 2018 at 10:30am. Below are the Summary of the 2017 financials, Top 20 shareholders and the Board.


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MTN IPO & the way some of you will behave

Everyone is looking forward to MTN's IPO. "Chaley... I dey save towards am oo" - they keep saying. When the IPO comes they will call to ask if they should buy the IPO or wait and buy after the IPO. Even if you tell them 'Yes, buy,' they won't and wait till the price skyrocket … Continue reading MTN IPO & the way some of you will behave

DigiCut IPO: My Biased Opinion

Well, if you follow me closely, you will know that I sometimes tweet about UT Bank and how the listing of it had some question marks. I used to call UT the pipeline to suck money from the system to clean up the books of the bigger company. I am very much happy that companies … Continue reading DigiCut IPO: My Biased Opinion