List of Income Earning Assets You Should Explore


For some days now, I have been looking into ‘Income Earning Assets’ – instruments,  products, accounts that can provide or generate steady income over time. Another parameter is an asset that generates passive income without significant effort from its owner. Some times we get so busy with the hustles of life that we cannot do all the work ourselves hence have to get money to do the rest for us.

I hope to keep expanding this list and look into each of the options. And please feel free to suggest some more. Below are some income earning assets;

1. Dividend Stocks

2. Bonds

3. Rental Properties

      • Car Rentals
      • Chair & Table Rentals
      • Event Canopy rentals

4. Peer to Peer Lending

5. Certificate of Deposits

6. Investment Funds

7. Subleasing a room, Storage or Parking Lot

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