The Genesis – Building A Stocks Portfolio – E01 #StockPortfolio101

There has been a desire in me to write something that will help all lovers of the stock market especially those that wish to invest regularly in stocks and not so abreast with the market. With this in mind, I have decided to document every episode of my journey in building my stocks portfolio.

In this cold and rainy day at the country side, I’m zooming straight into the series, –  Building A Stocks Portfolio with the Hash Tag …. #StocksPortfolio101.

Over the years, I have been trying to build a stocks portfolio but encountered some obstacles. I hope to share them with you so you can overcome them as well. My focus will be on the Ghana Stock Exchange since that’s the market I understand most.

Some people do complain how their portfolio keeps falling whiles the market is bullish. I hope to touch on how to mitigate loss and structure your stocks portfolio.

Investing can be complicated and I know many people try hard but they still are not able to develop the habit so it gets to a time where the body is willing but the soul is weak. I hope to serve as your investment guide or partner as we journey through the stock market. As Warren Buffet said, there are only Two Rules to follow,

Rule 1: Make sure you never lose money.

Rule 2: Do not forget Rule 1.

Let’s be on the same page as we begin this journey. Watch the video below – Just to refresh your mind on the stock market and what goes on there.

Also read this article, The Stock Market and How it works and then we can be on the same page as we go deeper into building a stocks portfolio.

Do not hesitate to ask your questions in the comment session below so I can address then in my next write-up. Do reach on me whatsapp (+233548557582)  or Twitter (@peagama) for more questions and explanations.

Next Week’s Episode (E02) – Building A Stock Portfolio E02: Get a plan and Commit to it.



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