MTN IPO & the way some of you will behave

Everyone is looking forward to MTN’s IPO. “Chaley… I dey save towards am oo” – they keep saying. When the IPO comes they will call to ask if they should buy the IPO or wait and buy after the IPO. Even if you tell them ‘Yes, buy,’ they won’t and wait till the price skyrocket and they’ll be like.. ‘Eeeiii bro I heard MTN is doing well oo. Should I buy?’ ……. Oya…buy. ‘oh but it’s too expensive.. I’ll wait till it falls a little’. When MTN price falls… then the phone will ring again. “Oga wosop?.. why MTN dey fall so? The way I used to believe in them, my vim come down oo”. Then I’ll be like … It’s an opportunity for you to buy low. Then they go like “Chai… I’ll wait for it to fall more then I buy boooom!!! Yooo!!! Mr. Boom.

It’s important for you all to know that every moment in the stock market is a special moment you need to cherish, study and take action. And since it takes time to grow funds on the stock market… taking quick and timely action is very important. It positions you to know the next move to take and the next. The moment you procrastinate, you do not only waste time but you miss opportunities. You lose positions that can aid you to make the next move. For us, the young people, we have a lot of moves to take because we have alot of time to recover from losses and that positions us for greater heights if we start early. Buying stocks, shares or whatever you call it, is not complex or does not involve deep finance knowledge. It only involves making the DECISION and TAKING THE ACTION. It’s that simple.

2 thoughts on “MTN IPO & the way some of you will behave

  1. Great article Edem. How will you behave regarding the MTN IPO? Haven’t seen the prospectus yet, but I think it is a great company to invest in. They are making so much money-especially the mobile money.


    1. Looking at the prospectus and other fundamentals, MTN IPO is a buy for me although it’s price at premium. It’s good to buy some and wait for secondary trading then buy the rest if you are able to determine the movement of price. Also by then , second and third quarter earnings will be out.


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