imagesIt’s been a fantastic year on the Ghana Stock Exchange(GSE) in 2017 as the GSE Composite Index hit 52.73% and the Financial Stock Index also recording a 49.51% win.

Some stocks were the main drivers of this success and the first week of 2018 already show some of these stocks building momentum for the year. This New Year is indeed going to be super awesome if this continues.

This week alone, the stock market recorded ten (10) gainers and no losers. The gainers were GCB, TOTAL, GOIL, SOGEGH, EGH, EGL, SCB, BOPP, ADB & UNIL.

Here are five momentum stocks that increased by at least 30% last year and still looking promising in 2018.

  1. Benson Oil Palm Plantation (BOPP):

logo-bensoI call BOPP, the 2017 King on the exchange. BOPP whose nature of business is processing of Palm fruits into crude palm oil, blew many minds with a whopping 194% gain in its share price in 2017. This was the main propeller on the exchange and despite doubts and comments of it reaching its peak, BOPP is still showing significant momentum in the first week of 2018 as it saw a 0.33% gain moving from GHS 6.12 to GHS 6.14 per share.

End of year earnings result are yet to come but it is right to say there is good investor confidence and hence the there is more to come.

  1. GCB Bank (GCB):

GCB_brandmarkWhen your books get larger, uncertainties keep increasing due to the takeover of two broke-a$$ banks and you still get this much confidence from investors, then you are really great. GCB Bank is one of the biggest banks in Ghana and into normal banking and related service since 1953.

GCB increased by 41% last year holding strong throughout the turmoil in the banking sector and the UT-CAPITAL Bank takeovers. It has already led trading in 2018 recording the largest volume and value traded for the first week resulting in a 15.25% gain in share price which happens to be the largest change so far in 2018. Some Analysts predict an even better year for GCB if the handling of UT and CAPITAL bank takeover and settling goes well. So far so good, and there seems not to be anything to worry about.   GCB is currently trading at GHS 5.85 per share.

  1. TOTAL Petroleum (TOTAL):

Total_Oil_2007-logo-2B2DA3BF11-seeklogo.comTOTAL totally shocked some people to close 2017 with about 78% gain in share price despite the strong competition in the market and Q3 performance. This year TOTAL has come with a momentum greater and bigger than last year’s. It is a promising stock that has the potential to double its 2017 year end price of 3.53 in a matter of week if the trend continues. TOTAL, whose nature of business revolves round marketing of petroleum product and services, is expected to show impressive Q1 performance. It is definitely a good buy as its share price is currently trading at 4.02 per share which is a 13.88% gain as compared to last year end.

  1. Societe Generale Ghana (SOGEGH):

SOGEGH, a commercial bank has been one of those stocks who almost hit the 40% threshold last year in terms of capital gain. It made a 32% last year but looking at the speed with which it took off in 2018, the sky is the limit. Facing recapitalization issue in 2018 as required by the Bank of Ghana, SOGEGH is expected to excel and progress without any worry.Societe-Generale-logo-logotype

This year alone, it has recorded a 2.44% gain in its share price and with the volume of the demand for it on the market, it is expected to rise further.

SOGEGH is also one dividend stock that people love with it’s time to pay dividend. The Dividend drought on Ghana Stock Exchange turn to make some investors like me, forget there are companies that pay good dividend.

So, despite SOGEGH not hitting the top 10 list of 2017, it is a good buy for 2018.

  1. Ghana OIL (GOIL):

I’m sure some analyst will be wondering why GOIL didn’t come until now. Well, I am a “GOIL Man”, not the fuel station in the corner so I reserved it for the last. goilGOIL has recorded such great performance on the exchange in 2017 closing with a 144.55% gain in share price. Some shareholders of GOIL in 2017 are now cashing out leading to a volume of 310,500 shares traded just in the first week of 2018 which happens to be the second largest volume and value traded so far. GOIL as a result increased by 3.35% in the first week of 2018 and is expected to increase further provided supply meets the current demand in the market. Share price is now GHS 2.78 per share. Whether this will double in 2018 or not is just some weeks away as Q1 & Q2 earnings performance comes out.

Some other stocks to look out for in 2018:

  1. Enterprise Group Limited
  2. Fan Milk Ghana
  3. Standard Chartered Bank
  4. CAL Bank
  5. Unilever Ghana

Keep Investing.

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