GSE hits 40% YTD as 13 equities changed value this week

It was an awesome week on the Ghana stock exchange as the GSE Composite Index – which includes all listed stocks hit 40% year to date.
Today, ​Two equities out of nine recorded gains in today’s trading session to drive the GSE-Composite Index upwards by 3.66 points to close at 2,367.28 points.The GSE-Financial Stocks Index however recorded its second consecutive loss by 0.91 points as it fell from 2,033.83 points to close at 2,032.92 points.

The year-to-date is currently 40.15%.

A total volume of 1.07 million was traded between nine equities for a sum of GHS4.09 million.Today’s total volume traded recorded a 12-fold increase from the previous session’s.The total value traded followed suit to record an 11-fold increase from Thursday’s session. TOTAL accrued 82.21% of the volume traded, and 75.28% of the traded values.

GGBL and GOIL were today’s gainers, whereas FML, IIL, SOGEGH, and TOTAL recorded losses in today’s trading session.

Courtesy: HFC Brokerage, CAL brokers, GSE

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