My Opinion on Some Stocks on the Ghana Stock Exchange 

​Interesting trades on GSE today. After closer look, I’d like to state my stands on the following stocks:  (But guys, my views are just my views and not to facilitate any trades. You trade at your own risk. Call me if you don’t understand anything).

1: EGL – My position is HOLD. Buy strength now= 60% simply because I am expecting it to fall to Ghs 3.5 per share before rising again. The outlook for it seems great but actual trades and trends show something different.

2: GCB – My position is BUY. Buy strength now= 90%. Despite the current uncertainty regarding the UT – Capital bank takeovers. I am pretty positive it will go well hence the current falls being recorded on the exchange reflects those uncertainty.  Best time to buy.  My opinion though. Or better still hope it falls to ghs 3.8. (Might be too late though).

3: GOIL – My position is NEUTRAL. I guess this means my BUY or SELL strength every weak – 20%. Initial reviews showed a BUY position but Trend analysis showed that GOIL has not moved passed 3Ghc in more than 5years. Hence it’s peaking at 2.36. Some of my friends think otherwise.

4: HFC – My position is BUY. Strength = 100%. Why? Well this is another controversial one. Most people are saying it has peaked. I think different. I’m predicting a 20-30% rise after Rights issue.

5: CAL – My position is BUY. Strenth= 100%. I got convinced today after some heated discussion.

6: PBC – My position is BUY. Strength =70% . Why? Intuition. (Esp. If you think of long term). It’s at it’s five year low. Cheap enough.

7: TLW – My position  is HOLD. Strength = 60%. Why? Well, as ITLOS went well and Tullow is expected to begin production in the TEN fields. Expansion in Kenya is also coming. My stand is weak because the debt of the company is too much despite the massive reduction in debt this year.

Ok. So now you know my personal views. I have a more broader analysis on each stocks on GSE. I must say the future fie investing in shares look really bright. Take advantage of it and  make some money. Do reach me (Cell: +233-548547582) so we discuss more and invest more.


Twitter: @peagana

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