Drama on GSE as investing in stocks gets better

Crazily interesting things happening on the Ghana Stock Exchange. I just don’t understand how 100 shares traded in BOPP can move the price up by a whopping 9 pesewas to close at 5.75ghc per share. This move pushed BOPP higher in it’s YTD performance. GSE must do something about this kind of trades changing the entire price of a stock and affecting God knows how many investment portfolios worth billions of cedis.  
Another surprising move on the  exchange today is when  Enterprise Group Ltd dropped by more than 8%. There is definitely someone sweeping the market of all EGL shares ready for shares it’s just a buy buy buy for the person and a sell sell sell for those who might have bought it when it was around 2.47ghc some weeks ago. The drama on the market gets interesting every day and guys, there’s no where to be trading than on the Ghana Stock Exchange. 

My outlook for Enterprise Group Ltd is bright looking at the recently published in insurance industry averages in the B&FT hence I wonder why some people are getting out. Well, drama and sentiments makes investing better. 

Keeping Investing and Building Wealth. Do reach me (0548557582) when you want to trade some stocks and government securities.  

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