sheVestorAfrica Storms Africa-  ‘MEET&GREETAFRICA 2017’ right at your doorstep

shev afriTo all young African women or let me say sheVestors out there, it’s time to get your finances in order and plan a greater future. You might be doing ‘good’ so far from reading financial books, but remember, ‘Good is an enemy of Great’. It’s time to be great and excel beyond the ordinary.

You can begin by hitching your wagon to something greater. To the next level of investment and financial growth.  To revolutionary thinkers and top notch entrepreneurs. To sheVestor Africa.
sheVestor Africa is a community that empowers young African women with financial knowledge to become financial literates and hone their financial skills in order to be financially empowered.

Mission: To Inspire, Connect, Educate and Equip the community and spur them on to actively hone their financial skills and participate in Africa’s growth story.


sheVestor Africa and her super awesome crew with top notch experts will be coming to Mauritius, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia  and Uganda.

The Meet and Greet Event will introduce the #sheVestorAfrica  community and create awareness on the importance of financial education in building financially stable young African women.
The mind blowing aspect of this is that, it’s FREE!!!!!

Expert-led sessions with entrepreneurs who will share their financial journey among interesting fun activities.

sheVestor Africa presents #MeetnGreetSierraLeone, a one day  introduction, learning and networking event for young African women who are keen on becoming financially independent and building  a stable financial life.

Speakers for #MeetnGreetSierraLeone are:

Christine Sesay  – Founder, Africa’s Moneypreneur and Co-founder, Freetown Business school.

Ariana Oluwole – Founder, Narnia Daycare.

Date:   30th Jun, 2017

Venue :  Africell American Corner, Bathurst street, Freetown.


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