Private Financing of Public Infrastructure, A way For West Africa (UGBS Public Lecture)

You are all invited to a very important Public Lecture to be delivered on Oct. 25th @ UGBS by Prof John Macomber, Professor of Finance at Harvard business School.  


Africa and the world face three large trends:  rapid and massive urbanization; current and worsening resource scarcity; and the apparent inability of national governments to mobilize investment in urban infrastructure to get ahead of these problems.  At the same time, the world is awash in liquidity as trillions of dollars realize close to zero yield in the global capital markets.  How can thoughtful private investment and delivery of public infrastructure be attracted and channelled to address this “infrastructure paradox”?  This lecture provides an opportunity to discuss the broader opportunities available for private financing of public infrastructure, and then explore how these opportunities might be exploited and accomplished in western Africa.

Speaker profile

Professor John Macomber Lectures in Finance at the Harvard Business School, where his research and teaching focuses on exploring opportunities for private financing of public infrastructure in cities in the Global South.  He has undertaken field research in Latin America, Africa, and South Asia, and his sectors of interest include power, transportation, water/sanitation, and waste.   Prof. Macomber’s professional background is in construction and real estate before joining the HBS faculty.  He is a member of the Executive Committee of Harvard’s Center for African Studies.

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