Godly Steps to Business Growth and Financial Freedom

“If you’re faithful over few things, I’ll make you ruler over many things. ” – Says the Lord.

“For to everyone who has, more will be given to them….”

One thing you need to know is that, we all have talents and you are a steward of what God has placed in your hands. As a steward, you have to avoid being lazy.
Stewardship in this case involves your ability to trade what you have profitably.
Hard work discourage people from working on their God given talents. Every talent we have comes with grace so remain productive with whatever talents you have.

Profiting with your talents:

● Desire to be a blessing to humanity.
● Nurture and protect your talent.
● Set lifetime compelling goals.
● Set your goals in manageable chunks.
● Get a vision for your life.
● Follow your vision with passion.
● Get obsessed with you vision.

Financial Freedom

To be financially free, you need to:
1. Start counting the cost.
2. Prepare a cash flow statement for yourself. This helps you track every penny that comes or goes.
3. Avoid debt. It can choke you.
4. Avoid peer influence in spending.
5. Be trustworthy. Build trust and Integrity.
6. Be willing to transact business with just a handshake.
7. Establish a culture of saving.
8. Set up an accountability system and respect it.
9. Build a  system to manage adversity. (E.g. Emergency Fund)

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