GhanaStocks.Net: A great place to monitor your stocks

Over the weekend, I took some time to check out this website ( and noticed that it’s a great place to track your stocks on Ghana Stock Exchange.

Many young investors try to follow the news on different platforms, crack the figures and draw their own charts to be able to technically assess the trends in the market. Those days are over with the arrival of Ghana Stocks dot Net. is a financial platform offering premier information on the Ghana Stock Exchange and the general Ghanaian economy. It provides near real-time quotes, historical charts, financial information and background information on all the equities listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange as well as the Ghana Alternative Exchange.

Back in the days, I used to monitor my stocks using the Stock watchlist platform on when Ghana Stock Exchange was up to date on Bloomberg. For now the closest I get online to that is Ghana Stocks dot Net.

Watch out for my next post on other great sites every investor in Ghana and Africa as a whole should bookmark.

Keep Investing…

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