What you should know about Treasury Bills before you buy

1. Know that treasury bill is a short term investment product offered by the Central bank on behalf of the Government.
2. Know that an investor of T-bills lends his money to the government at a fixed rate for either 91, 182 or 364 days.
3. Know that when it matures,  the government will repay the amount borrowed plu the agreed interest rate.
4. Know that you can only purchase T-bills through a licensed bank.
5. Know that there’s no limit as to how much one can buy. It’s all about your pocket.
6. Know that, the investor pays nothing as transaction cost.
7. Know that you may take your interest / discount up front.
8. Know that you can roll-over the principal and take your interest at maturity.
9. Know that you can roll over both the principal and interest at maturity.
10. And finally know that you can contact @PEAGAMA before buying your treasury bill with any doubt you may have.

Keep investing.

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