10 stocks on GSE to watch out for in 2014

People ask me nowadays which stocks they should buy on the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE). And others want to know which stocks I have in my portfolio or will buy, so I have decided to list, just list for now, ten stocks worth buying on GSE.

These stocks are my top ten (10) for 2014 on the Ghana Stock Exchange although I have shares in some companies that have not been listed below. They are however not listed in any special order.

1. Ghana Commercial Bank (GSE: GCB= 4.65)
2. CAL Bank (GSE: CAL= 1.04)
3.  Enterprise Group Limited (GSE: EGL = 2.27)
4.  Fan Milk Limited (GSE: FML = 7.17)
5. Ecobank Ghana (GSE: EBG=7.98)
6. Standard Chartered Bank (GSE: SCB=20.55)
7. Mechanical Lloyd Company (GSE: MLC=0.38)
8. TOTAL Petroleum (GSE: TOTAL=5.04)

9. Societe General Ghana Ltd ( GSE: SOGEGH=1.00)
10. Ecobank Transnational Incorporated (GSE: ETI= 0.20)

So there you have them. Keep investing on the Ghana Stock Exchange. 

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