Great Investment Lessons from Five (5) Young Investors in Ghana

This week, I want to profile some young and enthusiastic investors in Ghana and their investment journey. They have been investing in securities in the Ghanaian markets and have been doing this regularly.
They have great experiences. Some failed in one way or the other, learnt from the failures and still put their money to work.  The time has come for us to know How they started, what they do and what mistakes they made and their advice to the young investment public in Ghana.

1. David Mawutor Avor

  Age: 25

M. D. Avor
Chartered Insurer,
Head of e-Buisness Unit-
(Vanguard Assurance)

My good friend and business partner, M.D. Avor, as he likes to be called, is a founding member of Fortune Hunters Investment Club (now FHI Group) and currently the head of the e-Business Unit at Vanguard Assurance Company Limited.

He began his investment Journey after turning 18 and purchased GHc 50 worth of EPACK shares. “It’s been almost 7 years since then and I have not for once regretted my decision.” – He said to me. …….
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2. Name: Kwabena Amo-Mensah

   Age: 24

Kwabena Amo-Mensah
President of SFIC (Private Equity Group)
Deputy Finance Director at
“Heart For Children Africa”

Kwabena Amo-Mensah is a good friend and a promising investment professional with extensive knowledge in securities and financial markets. Any time I speak to him, I go to read more, because he always uses investment jargons that forces me to expand my scope. He is the President of SFIC, a private equity  start-up group, deputy finance director at “Heart For Children Africa” a registered NGO that reaches out to children in deprived communities, an investment coach and forex trader.  He has a background in accounting and finance and currently at the final stages of ICA Ghana.

He started investing in 2008 after reading Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. ……Click to Read More

3. Name: Ernest Addae

   Twitter: @earnaddae
Ernest Addae
Senior Research Assistant
 UCC School of Medical Sciences

 Executive Director of
 Medical Education Consult

When you meet someone with a background in Human Biology and named his son after Warren Buffett, you should know what he is most passionate about.  Ernest Addae, a Senior Research Assistant at the University of Cape of Coast School of Medical Sciences happens to be one of the greatest followers and fan of Warren Buffett and his Investment strategy. ….. CLICK TO READ MORE

4. Name: Benjamin Kofi Nyarko

      Age: 26

Investment Analyst,
Cost /Management Accountant

My good friend, Benjamin and a big dreamer like myself, aims at being the first Black benevolent richest man in the world. He started investing in the year 2004 and the drive was to be his ‘own Boss’ in the near future. “I dream of starting companies and listing them on the Ghana Stock Exchange”, He told me. He also attributes his drive to invest and attain his dreams to Robert Kiyosaki and Mike Murdock.

Benjamin chose to invest 60% of his portfolio in Stocks, 30% in Government Securities and 10% in Mutual Funds.  
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5. Name: Alex Titriku

  Age: 24

Twitter/ Instagram: @kurusoo

My investment colleague and great friend Alex, is a trained Engineer currently pursuing graduate studies in the field of Analog and Mixed Signal Integrated Circuits and he is also currently researching into Optical Transceivers. … 🙂. Let’s now find out about his investment life. 

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