Testing the Market with iBroker Trading Platform

I’m back to using iBroker trading platform to trade my stocks on Ghana Stock Exchange. This only means, I am saying Goodbye to Databank Brokerages. #Boysabr3.
Now I’ll put my own stop loss orders, Set my limits, trade more faster, move more funds into my brokerage account faster online than going to my brokers’ office to deposit the money in my account as I used to do with my former brokers, Databank.
In order to be able to move funds into my new brokerage account with CAL Brokers faster, I want to open a CAL bank account in which I will transfer funds to from my Zenith Bank Account on monthly basis. I believe with the iBroker platform, I can easily transfer money online from my savings account at CAL Bank to the brokerage account. Another good but slower way is to move money straight from my Zenith Bank Account to my CAL brokerage account. I still don’t understand why it should take a day or two for that transfer to go through. Incredible Ghana. #GhanaAbr3.

Some of today’s Trades on the GSE
Courtesy:  iBroker platform

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