Great Business Lessons from a Professional & Networking Giant

Mr. Nana Kwame Amporful
[Professional Accountant & Auditor]
Founder of the Premier Networking Investment Club
(PNIC Group)

In his own words;
“In my close to a decade experience as a professional accountant and auditor, I have witnessed respected and seemingly responsible people involve in fraudulent activities. From my painful knowledge of their shameful end, I have learnt some lessons;

1. In a relationship, be truthful to your partner. Let him or her know your real financial strength or status. Be open with each other.” If he or she truly loves you (in case of love relationships), he or she will be willing to stick around with you and also in the case of business partnership, truthfulness builds trust.

2. Do not envy anyone. Do not wish to be like anyone; you have no idea what problems they have;

3. Do not make anyone your standard. Do not live life to please anyone. Believe in yourself;

4. Live within your means. You have no idea who is watching and wants to be able to afford what you own;

5. Remember, with a close relationship with the Lord, you can make genuine riches by associating with the right people, learning and working smart.”

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