Bloomberg fired Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE)? What happened?

What has happened to the relationship between Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) and Bloomberg?
On 2nd March 2010, Ghana Stock Exchange announced its relationship with Bloomberg and issued a Press Release stating that “GSE data is now available worldwide on Bloomberg ”.

According to Mr. Kofi Yamoah, Managing Director of the Ghana Stock Exchange, “this new development is in line with the GSE’s vision of reaching out to investors globally and ensuring
that timely and efficient trade information is available at all times. It is our belief that the relationship with Bloomberg will enhance the attractiveness of our market to both local and international investors and position the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) as the preferred investment destination in Sub-Saharan Africa”.
To seal the relationship, this was what Gerard Francis, Bloomberg’s head of Global Emerging Markets said in 2010, “Bloomberg is the first vendor to offer the global distribution of real time exchange data from Ghana. This addition recognizes the increasing investor appetite for investments into Africa. Bloomberg users now have access to live prices for all the exchanges in West Africa. It reinforces our commitment to be the leading source for real-time prices for emerging markets,”
Two to three years down the line, my question then is, what has happened to this relationship? As at now, you cannot find any stock that is listed on Ghana Stock Exchange on Bloomberg as it used to be. The only link is the listing on GSE Composite Index (GGSECI) which comes with inadequate figures & graphs and does not indicate accurately what is happening on the stock market.
What has happened? Who is not doing his or her job?  Investors all over the world and the good people of Ghana living abroad deserve to know the details of this development.
A search for any company GSE-listed company on Bloomberg brings only articles written on those companies but not the financial data or the various Statistics we used to get on Bloomberg.
This is not helping us at all. Again and Again I ask, what has happened?

3 thoughts on “Bloomberg fired Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE)? What happened?

  1. i second you thoroughly , i was to totally amazed when i realized i couldn't get live data from the market to help facilitate my trade orders, at first i thought it was a hitch from bloomberg corner till , i tried that of the nigerian stock exchange and it worked perfectly well. some one has to explain something


  2. Since this post is about the Ghana Stock Exchange and how to get real-time trading information, I'd like to take advantage of that to announce that I've developed an API for the GSE. With it, software developers can build apps that display real-time market data on the exchange. I've even written a demo app that makes use of the API. If there are extra data one would like to query from the API, please let me know. Additional information can be found on the API documentation page. I hope it proves useful to many.


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