CAL brokers to train investors on the new multi-asset trading platform.

CAL Brokers Limited (CBL), a brokerage house in Ghana is organizing a trading seminar from September 17th -19th, 2013 between 5:00pm -7:00pm at the Ghana Stock Exchange for investors and users of their ibroker platform.
With Innovation as their forte, CBL became the first brokerage firm in West Africa to introduce an online trading platform – “ibroker” – which has attracted a lot of users from Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, USA, Japan, and UK among others.
Five years down the line CBL is coming back into the market with another flagship platform which allows users to trade in multi-asset classes including Index futures (GSE-CI), Gold, Oil and currency (GHs/USD, EUR/USD & GBP/USD)futures. The platform is linked to the Global Board of Trade (GBOT) market in Mauritius.
In view of this CBL will be organizing a trading seminar for their cherished clients on the fundamentals of trading and investing on GBOT which will cover among others: the overview of GBOT, fundamentals of trading futures and CFD’s and market analysis, trading from anywhere (introduction of trading technology) and how to trade with CAL Brokers limited on GBOT.
The training will be held at the GSE Conference Room.
Kindly confirm your participation by sending an email to
Courtesy CBL.

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