Find out how Entrepreneurs in Africa are excelling; Forbes Africa Mag

On Saturday afternoon, I was sitting at Afrikiko Leisure Centre, in Accra with some friends and glancing through the July issue of the Forbes Africa Magazine; and all I was thinking about is entrepreneurs and how useful this issue is to young entrepreneurs in Africa and all over the world.
In this issue, millionaires became billionaires. At age 38, Mohammed Dewji, who employs 24,000 people and claim to contribute 3.5% to Tanzania’s GDP, became a billionaire moving from $30 million. One important lesson from Mohammed is his philosophy about success. He is not satisfied with what he has got but always works harder to achieve more. As an entrepreneur, Mohammed and his MeTL Group (Mohammed Enterprise Tanzania) keep outgrowing its vision so they revisit the vision from time to time. Taking over from his father, it was reported by Kristin Palitza that Mohammed built an empire and targeted to grow to 5billion in 5years time.

Another lesson from Mohammed is that, you need to dream but not daydream. You need to try to dream a reality.  Whatever this entrepreneur sets his mind to, he turns into a success.
Moving ahead to page 24 of the Forbes Africa Mag, is the adventure of a woman who gambled on gaming. A former United Nations advisor, Anne Githuku-Shongwe created an African computer gaming empire and won her a free lunch.  After a 15 year career at the UN, Anne knew that, to reach the masses in an affordable way, we had to use mobile phones, as Africa has the highest penetration rate in the world, especially among the youth so she studied gaming and managed to get a grant from Kellogg Foundation for research.  Today, Anne’s Afroes creates African mobile and online video games and applications for fun interactive learning with over 450,000 players as reported by Hope Mwinzi. According to Anne Githuku-Shongwe, we need to create digital solutions for Africa by thinking ahead strategically and this requires huge long term investment and motivation that’s bigger than quick success.
Skipping two or three political Stories, in the Forbes Africa mag., I came across another article about An Activist Doctor who turned a capitalist. This is an inspiring write-up by Kristin Plalitza about Iqbal Surve who sees himself as an African Optimist. According to Surve, “Foreign Direct Investment is key for development. Our continent is on the threshold of dramatic change. For the first time, we are at a point where all people might be able to access capital.” You should read the full article in the Forbes mag to grab the brilliant point and insights of a man who made millions investing in the continent in less than a decade from a medical doctor into one of South African’s top entrepreneurs.
The next article that caught my attention was about Richard Chennells who turned his back on the fast world of London trading to return to his sleepy hometown in South Africa to open a brewery. His story is very touching and motivating. After the FIFA world cup, Chennells balanced his book and noted he brew $ 1 million in eight weeks but started very small. He lives by the motto: “Your fortune is on your door step.” And he learned a lot from people’s mistakes.
The last interesting article in the Forbes Africa magazine, is about love and business where two couple make millions after capitalizing on inter-African cooperation. Theresa and Iyiola Ayoade met 17 years ago and then started discussing business ideas.  They owned Multiple Concepts Group with a Ghanaian, known as Philip Ayensu. This group owns, Charterhouse, multiple Concepts and MediaEdge-gsm ( a mobile content provider founded in 2006; and GH One television. As reported by Muyiwa Moyela, their story involves one of risk, resilience and taking advantage of opportunities.
MY TAKE: Every Entrepreneur should subscribe to Forbes Africa Magazine for the best stories on Entrepreneurship  and how people are making it out of nothing.

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