Miss the timing, miss the profit – How not to make loss on GSE

Investing on the stock market is a game, better understood, played and won, when you get the timing correct. The reason you are not making profit is not because you have not bought the right stock at the right time but you have not sold the right stock at the right time. When you miss the timing, you miss everything.
You can have the shares in the best companies you can ever think of but to be able to make substantial amount of money in a short period, you have to get the TIMING right.
Let me share my experience with you. Over the years, I have been able to mitigate losses on my ETI shares which I bought at an IPO price of 0.29 cents per share (0.34pesewas). (How to mitigate losses on ETI shares). After beating down the cost of buying those number of ETI shares to about 0.17p per share, I saw ETI rose in price from as low as 0.11pesewas this year to as high as 0.28p about 4 to 5 days ago.
When ETI was 0.28p four(4) days ago, I heard a voice in me saying, “Hey bros,  go sell now!”. I was hoping to get more out of ETI so I did not sell. I would have made slightly over 60% profit if I had sold at 0.28p. Exactly five days after not selling, which is today, the price of ETI dropped to 0.18p per share, just a pesewa away from my average cost of purchase. This is the timing I am talking about.
Also, you can imagine buying ETI at 0.11p per share at the beginning of the year and not selling five days ago when it jumped to 0.28p per share.
Timing in the stock market is crucial for making money.

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