Stock Picks: Recommended Stocks for Investor on GSE

On Wednesday, 27th March, I posted a comment on Facebook trying to pick people’s mind on the stocks they would recommend for an aggressive investor on the Ghana Stock Exchange.  The GSE Composite index and the GSE Financial Stock Index have been bulling from the beginning of the year. Most stocks on the market as at now are probably over-valued, meanwhile activity on the market is heightening.
This is what I wrote on Facebook;
I am an aggressive investor who has Ghc 50,000 and want’s to invest all on the Ghanaian Stock Market for 5 years. What stocks would you recommend?” 
Below are some comments and recommendations from some readers on Facebook with their various reasons;

In the above comments, stocks like  Ghana Oil Ltd (GOIL), Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB), Ecobank Transnational Inc (ETI), Benso Oil Palm Plantation (BOPP), SG-SSB Bank and CAL Bank showed up. In my opinion, these are good stocks that some investors can invest in now that the market bullish and God knows how long that would take. However, I can’t see the growth potentials in CAL Bank and SIC Insurance. What are your thoughts and your picks and why?

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