Getting into Financial Blogging – The eStock Analysis Story

My desire to know what’s happening every time on the various financial markets in order to invest or advice people to invest properly led me to Blogging and micro-blogging (Twitter ). My type of financial blogging requires an ability to understand what the figures mean with respect to businesses and their financial reports. I have, for some time, now focused on the listed companies on the Ghana Stock Exchange because those companies have given a chance to the public, hence the public deserve to know more about them.

I created my blog in 2009 but made the first post in July, 2011 (Titled:First Time investors on the Ghana Stock Exchange). This post did not only spark various discussions among I and my investment partners (i.e. members of Fortune Hunters Investment Club, now FHI Group); but, also showed me how people would be interested in reading my posts online.
I used to go online just to look at how many people have visited my blog. I was happy until I looked at other people’s blog and saw that I was really behind and suddenly I became sad. It became obvious that people online prefer fun, fashion, pictures, videos and lifestyle issues than my boring financial figures. But something wonderful happened; I found a place (the then, Ghana Blogging site) to list my Blog and join fellow bloggers. Over there, I got inspiration from new and experienced bloggers.
In 2012, as I was closely following Barcamp events online, I came across the name “Blogcamp”. I became so happy and followed through to get registered for the Blogcamp2012. This was where everything about my amateur financial blogging life got shaped up by the GURUS. My Social Media lifestyle heightened. I met my twitter friends at this event held at Kofi Annan Centre in ICT. I met @ttaaggooee (Nandimonbile fame), @raindolf (#TeamOasis fame), @abocco (Great blogger, Barcamp & #233moments fame), @nii_ayertey  (This dude, I religiously followed on twitter because of his strong opinions on issues of the nation. I met him at the event, got home, before realising he was the one I met, Smh). And finally the grandpapa, @ameyaw112 (who taught me how to monetize my blog at the Blogcamp2012. He introduced me to some money-making avenues other than the famous Adsense, Kudos man).  These are just few out of a lot of sharp brains I met at that event.
So, that’s how my blog evolved to getting nominated for the Best Business and Commerce Blog in 2012 – Following the market, writing and posting religiously. This nomination incredibly brought a lot of Traffic to my finance blog. Not many people are interested in knowing about the figures or the markets hence I used to get low traffic compared to the photo blogs, fashion and lifestyle blogs but now things has changed. I made my highest hit in February, 2013 because I was nominated.  Any post I make nowadays gets more than 400 views in a few hours. My top posts get 1000s of views in days. Even my old posts get so many views nowadays. The value I accumulate on Google Adsense also slightly shot up. The estimated value of my site increased tremendously from almost nothing to something.
But aside all these, nothing is more fulfilling than the calls I get every day; the contacts I make and finally the number of followers I get on the various social media platforms due to blogging. So many people contact me due to the posts I publish, with questions that spark discussions. Others seek advice on what to invest in and make requests for me to write on certain topics.  To you my followers I say thank you and keep following my lead. Don’t forget to invest, just ask me HOW?
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