Investing in the National Blood Bank. Find out how? #GiveBlood

I am one of the many Ghanaians who think about saving lives but have either been afraid to or too busy to do the real do, save lives. I am ageing and have always wanted to donate blood but have never been able to do so. Fear runs down my spine every time I think about losing some blood. But I have noticed that, just like in investment, the more you put in, the more you gain, so is blood donation. Giving Blood in Ghana is investment in the National Blood Bank. And since the Blood Bank is government owned, the risk of default like other government securities (e.g. Treasury bills and bonds) is very low.
Decide to make this investment today.
The last time I was willing to donate, I was advised by the nurse in charge to wait for the next day since I was not ready and needed more rest. But the donation exercise was post-poned. This time, I have decided to make the investment and adequately prepare toward that. (Have more rest).

On Saturday 23rd Feb. 2013, there would be Blood donation at Accra Mall and Pentagon (Block A), University of Ghana. Early morning, BloggingGhana would call all those who pledged to donate blood to join us at Pentagon, University of Ghana or the Accra Mall to walk the talk. Photo bloggers will be busy taking pictures and uploading them on social networks. Everyone is encouraged to bring a camera and share in the fun. Join me invest in the future.
Pledge today: Click here ; Give Blood – Invest in National Blood Bank
As a proud member of Blogging Ghana, I would reiterate that we’re pleased to contribute to the health discussion, considering their relevance to national development. ‘Ayeeko’ to Rotaract Club of Adentan and the team at Accra Mall for their initiative and their willingness to get us involved.
Don’t forget to pledge online and see you there.

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