Ecobank Ghana (EBG) held lion’s share of trade value – Market records worst performance

CBL: The Stock Market recorded its worst day-on-day performance today, as the major indices (GSE Composite Index & GSE Financial Stock Index) fell, following losses in three equities. The GSE-Composite Index returned -0.96% as it fell 10.04 points from 1,040.70 points to 1,030.66 points. The GSE-Financial Stock Index closed at 883.00 points, from 893.32 points.
CAL BANK was dominant in terms of volume traded, accounting for

21.44% of the 0.12 million shares traded, while Ecobank Ghana (EBG) held the lion’s share of the trade value, accounting for 42.68% of the GHS 0.13 million realized. Compared to the previous session, trade volume and value declined by 46.23% and 57.14% respectively.

Enterprise Group ltd (EGL) was the only gainer and was up GHS0.01 to close at GHS0.29. Ecobank Transnational Inc. (ETI) and SIC Insurance Co. however, declined by the same margin, to close at GHS0.12 and GHS0.32 respectively. PBC Ltd, a produce buying company, slipped by GHS0.03 to close at a year-low of GHS0.21.
Coutesy: CAL Brokers Ltd

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