Annual General Meetings Scheduled for July by Companies on Ghana Stock Exchange

The beginning of the second quarter was a busy time for most companies as various directors prepared to meet their shareholders. Some companies on the Ghana Stock Exchange had their Annual General Meetings in April. Others like Golden Stars Resources Ltd (GSR), Cocoa Processing Company (CPC), Enterprise Group Ltd (EGL) and CAL Bank (CAL) had theirs in May.

Three companies whose shares have been neglected by most investors on the stock market would be having their Annual General Meetings in July.
Aluworks Ltd (ALW), the aluminum sheet rolling mill which produces semi-finished and finished aluminum sheet in coil, circles, and corrugated roofing sheets would have its AGM on 5th July 2012. The company which operates locally and internationally has seen a great drop in its share price to a year low of 0.05p per share. Directors have a lot questions to answer to the various shareholders in about five days to come.
Transaction Solution Ghana ltd (TRANSOL), another neglected company on the GSE would meet its shareholders on 6th July, 2012. TRANSOL provides electronic funds transfer (EFT) infrastructure and support services, third party payments, teller machine services, prepaid voucher ad, top-up products. This stock has seen no gain in share price (currently 0.05p) since August 2011.
Clydestone Ghana ltd (CLYD), a company which develops innovative cutting edge solutions in the areas of financial document processing, corporate networking, remittance processing and transaction switching, is simply not attracting investors on the stock market. Clydestone Ghana ltd would have its AGM on the 13th day of July 2012. Shareholders would expect explanation for the slow growth of the company and share price stagnation on the exchange.

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