Benso Oil Palm Plantation (BOPP) in the 1st Quarter of 2012 on Ghana Stock Exchange

6 months performance on GSE – BOPP [Oct – Mar]
Benso Oil Palm Plantation with GSE stock ticker symbol; [BOPP] is an oil palm producing and processing company and was listed on the GSE on August 30, 2004 when it was converted into the public limited liability. The nature of businesses the company is authorized to carry on include: Growing of oil palm and other agricultural products, Processing of oil palm fruits to produce palm oil and palm kernels and Dealing & trading in palm oil, palm kernels and other agricultural products.
BOPP on the Ghana Stock Exchange has recently been the choice for investors as the company continues to show greatness in different forms.
The Key Statistics for BOPP as researched by Bloomberg reveals that, the current P/E ratio [trailing twelve months (ttm)] is 6.0546 and Earning per share (EPS) (ttm) is 0.2808.  BOPP’s current market capitalization is GHS 59.16 million with about 34.80 million shares outstanding. Price per Book (most recent quarter) is valued at 1.9908.
BOPP started the year, 2012 on the Ghana Stock Exchange with a share price of GHS 1.10 (03.01.12) and has since been rising to attain a year high of GHS 1.78 (20.02.12); the highest since 18th October, 2011. An investment made in BOPP exactly a year ago would make an outstanding 121.23% profit to date.
Year to Date change on GSE – BOPP [Jan -Mar. ]
Analysts predict further rise in price of this stock in the year but the greatest fear for most investors is the Election Year fever on the market which has shown its power over stocks in the past years.
We hope to closely follow this stock and see how investors react to it despite the election year’s controlling force in the market. 

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