Building the Economy: Middle Class of Ghana Unconcerned

Are we really sleeping? Then it is time to wake up.

The Middle Class in Ghana, simply don’t care. They find means to solve public problems in personal ways and just remain unconcerned, very quiet!! It’s a culture problem, people say. Others say Ghanaians just think about their families and not the Public. Scholars blame it on education, stating that, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. But is this helping the nation? Would it ever? How can we develop with this? Why won’t us remain poor? Failed government or State, Failed Top Class, Now failing Middle class & educated elites, and the Voiceless/uneducated poor (which are the most populated).
We have the platforms, we don’t use them. We have the knowledge, we don’t apply it to help our nation, the worst of all, we sell them cheap to other nations. We have the energy, we misuse it. Oh Mother Ghana!!! How long would the Middle Class decide to be silent. It’s pathetic they understand the problems better than anyone but decide to stay away.
Typical Middle Class (educated elites) Behaviors:
Power outage:- Put on the generator (For the family alone) and shut up.
Water Problem:- Get enough Poly-tanks to store water for the family. Don’t care about the community or person next door (who’s probably voiceless).
Education:- Send children to schools abroad. (No Teachers’ strike).
Health:– Go to private hospitals. Don’t care if doctors are on strike.
Ehhhhh!!!! My people. Are we safe? When the Voiceless or low class decide to talk or fight back, can we stand them? Ghana, we can’t afford to fail God and the next Generation. Let’s act NOW in all sectors of the economy. Let’s be responsible and not think about our families alone. Let’s build the economy of Ghana.
Oh Ghana!!!!. God Help us. Long Live Ghana

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