Is CAL Bank undervalued on the Ghana Stock Exchange?

The debate continues everywhere among investors as they keep wondering whether CAL Bank shares on the Ghana Stock Exchange are undervalued. My earlier post on the 2011 year review of CAL bank on GSE has shown clear analysis of CAL as at last year. It showed the potential of CAL’s share price rising this year as the bank plans to recapitalize to meet the required capital as proposed by the Bank of Ghana. Meanwhile, some investors and market analysts argue that, the share price is undervalued to the extent of stating that there could be a rally on the exchange for these stocks very soon.
Let us look at some figures of the Bank; (courtesy: Bloomberg)

Valuation and Earnings as at 20.02.12.

The Banking stock shows a relative P/E to the GSE Composite Index of 0.2628 and a P/E ratio (ttm) of 3.6220 as reported by market analysts.

With a current market capitalization of about GHC 64.48 million, the Bank would recapitalize this year to meet the requirement.

Dividends figures & Other Market figures

Chart: Share Price Movement from December 2011 to Date on GSE.

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