Year Highs & Lows of Fan Milk Limited on Ghana Stock Exchange

After ten (10) months of trading on the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE), the Year High of Fan Milk Limited (FML) still remains low comparably, and this is not impressive. Last year, Fan Milk Limited recorded a Year high of GHȻ 10.57 by the close of trading on 10th December, 2010. In that same year, the Year Low of FML as at 10th Dec. was GHȻ 5.55, although GHC 2.5 was recorded on 4th & 5th January. Investors obviously had confidence in the ice cream company and kept trading shares day to day. 
Fan Milk Limited began the year, 2011, with a Year High of GHȻ 2.45 (i.e. on 4th January) and ten (10) months down the road, the Year High was recorded as GHȻ 3.11 (i.e. on 2nd November). October ended with a little tumble of FML share price but November brought a recovery smile as investors gained confidence in the stock. Trading of FML shares on the GSE have been consistent since last week and this is good for the market.
The ice cream company still remains the leading producer of ice cream in the Ghanaian market. Monopoly, people call it, but I call it Supremacy. FML is currently trading at GHȻ 2.53 per share.

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