Value Investing and its rewards on the Ghana Stock Exchange.

There are different kinds of stocks or shares of companies on the Ghana Stock Exchange and every investor has a purpose for investing with reference to individual risk preference and time horizon. An investor’s purpose for investing could be for growth or for income or value. Value investing is investing in stocks believed to be worth far more than their current prices rather than those that pay high dividends or seem likely to appreciate irrespective of underlying value. 
On the stock market, there are some stocks that are mispriced. Mispricing is calculated as the difference between the estimated intrinsic value and the market price of a stock. Intrinsic value of an asset, in this case stock, is the value of the asset given a hypothetically complete understanding of the asset’s investment characteristics.  Therefore when a stock is undervalued on the exchange, there is an investment opportunity and smart investors take advantage of that.
The Question then is, how do you know whether a stock is undervalued or not? This is where you need an expert to advice you. Knowing this involves a lot of factors and calculations. One must first valuate the stock using some figures on the financial statement of the company. Some industry experts say that, UT bank is currently undervalued on the stock market. They make their argument with respect to the potentials of the company and how low it is currently priced on the Stock market (0.33p, courtesy: GSE). One thing you should know is that, so many investors do these calculations and that informs their investments strategy. An advice to you is that, for an active strategy to be consistent and successful, the investor’s expectations must differ from consensus expectations and be, on average, correct as well.

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