First Time Investors on Ghana Stock Exchange

In 2009, I bought my first stock as a first time investor which was an IPO of ETI. I bought 500 shares at 0.29 cents (about GHC 0.34) per share. I bought this stock without any market analysis but just out of desperation to own shares on the GSE. I must say that I was also happy for the fact that the dividends were paid in dollars and at that time, the dollar-cedi rate was in favor of the dollar.
This stock performed badly when it started trading and now it has fallen lower than half its initial share price.
One lesson from this investment is that, an investor should not to rush into investing but to study the market very well especially IPOs.
As an investor, one must consider so many factors before buying a stock or venturing in the capital market. The Ghanaian Capital market is becoming robust every single day and hence requires more attention and advice to invest and gain from it. Brokerage firms are sprouting from time to time and that means people in Ghana are now seeing the need to take the investment job serious hence the need for investment advisers. Competition is getting keen but the question is how prepared is the market for first time investors- those that know very little about investing. Is it true that the majority of investors on the exchange invest with their sentiments with very little or no investment advice?

How many investors understand the GSE Security Depository (GSD) System and know the investment laws enacted by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC)? Answers to these questions should caution the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) to be more active. I entreat all first time investors to study the market or seek advice from experts (brokerage firms) before investing. You can make a lot of money in the stock market, just ask how?

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