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sheVestor Creatives Fellowship Program is designed for a small but effective and diverse team of writers, video makers and designers who bring creative ideas, passion and sass to the sheVestor Africa community.


sheVestor Creatives Fellows  bring energy, ideas and passion to our brainstorming sessions, develop and execute heartwarming stories that fulfills our mission of building financially independent African women, bring their creative juice to our instagram stories, articles and interviews.


  • A strong digital portfolio
  • Digital creative experience (It can be informal or formal )
  • Passion for women empowerment
  • Ability to learn and be lead
  • Ability to take initiatives and show commitment
  • Must possess great communication and interpersonal relation skills and be social media savvy.


  • Bring alive our community brand and values through stories and images.
  • Brainstorm and work with community manager to execute content ideas tailored to the community.
  • Contribute and maintain editorial calendar of the community.
  • Research and writing are integral duties to the role.


–          Opportunity to work with a pan-African community

–          Opportunity to work with Inspiring and emerging African leaders

–          Flexible work arrangement

–          Leadership development

–          Flexible work Time – Few hours a week


Kindly note this is a volunteer-based fellowship program. This is an opportunity for people who want to build their portfolio, gain work experience and expand their network.

However, excellent fellows stand the chance of getting retained.


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–        Personal Essay (3 pages) – This is your opportunity to tell us why you stand out from the rest of the candidates. Be creative, we want to hear your authentic voice. You have the liberty to use photographs, pictures, art and any other suitable means to express yourself and show us your personality.  Enjoy!

–         Digital Portfolio that exhibit your creative skills.

Kindly note; Resume, Personal essay and Digital Portfolio should be mailed to with the subject sheVestor Creatives Fellowship Program.

We accept applications from locations in Africa and African diaspora.

Deadline for application submission is 14th December, 2017.  Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.  We look forward to hearing from you!


Courtesy: sheVestor Africa team

GSE hits 40% YTD as 13 equities changed value this week

It was an awesome week on the Ghana stock exchange as the GSE Composite Index – which includes all listed stocks hit 40% year to date.
Today, ​Two equities out of nine recorded gains in today’s trading session to drive the GSE-Composite Index upwards by 3.66 points to close at 2,367.28 points.The GSE-Financial Stocks Index however recorded its second consecutive loss by 0.91 points as it fell from 2,033.83 points to close at 2,032.92 points.

The year-to-date is currently 40.15%.

A total volume of 1.07 million was traded between nine equities for a sum of GHS4.09 million.Today’s total volume traded recorded a 12-fold increase from the previous session’s.The total value traded followed suit to record an 11-fold increase from Thursday’s session. TOTAL accrued 82.21% of the volume traded, and 75.28% of the traded values.

GGBL and GOIL were today’s gainers, whereas FML, IIL, SOGEGH, and TOTAL recorded losses in today’s trading session.

Courtesy: HFC Brokerage, CAL brokers, GSE

Highlights of CAL Bank Q3 – 2017 Earnings

Profit & Loss


  • Net Interest Income grew by 19.5% from GHS 217.3m to GHS259.7m y/o/y.
  • Non-Funded income grew 4.2% from GHS 79.5m to GHS 822.9m y/o/y.
  • Cost/Income Ratio decreased to 39.9% from 42.1% in Q3 2016.
  • Operating Income increased by 15.4% to GHS 342.6m (GHS 296.9m in Q3 2016)
  • Net impairment Loss increased by 46.1% to GHS 49.1m from GHS 33.6m in Q3 2016
  • Operating Expense grew by 9.6% to GHS 136.8m (GHS 124.9m in Q3 2016)
  • Profit before income tax increased by 13.2% to GHS 156.7m (GHS 138.4m in Q3 2016)
  • Profit after Income tax increased by 25% to GHS 113.6m (GHS 90.9m in 2016)

Balance Sheet

  • Total Assets increased by 19.2% to GHS 3.9b (GHS 3.3b in Q3 2016)
  • Loans & Advances decreased by 8.4% to GHS 1.8bn (GHS 2.0b at Q3 2016)
  • Total Current deposits increased by 18.6% to GHS 2.3b (GHS 1.9b in Q3 2016).
  • Borrowings increased by 11.6% to GHS 669.2m (GHS 599.6m in Q3 2016)
  • Capital Adequacy ratio increased to 22.3% (21.1% in Q3 2016)
  • NPL ration increased to 12.6% (8.4% in Q3 2016)

Shareholders Ratios

  • ROAA increased to 4.2% (3.9% in Q3 2016)
  • ROAE increased to 25.4% (23.5% in Q3 2016)
  • Price-to-Book ratio increased to 0.9x (0.77x in Q3 2016)
  • EPS grew by 25% to GHS 0.2073 (GHS 0.1658 in Q3 2016)
Courtesy: CAL bank

Bottom Line:

CAL Bank is doing great and has great potentials due to the Energy sector bond which is expected to reduce the non performing loans and boost returns in the final quarter. This is expected to affect the price barring any unforeseen circumstances. However we all know that, historically, CAL bank is not rewarded on the exchange despite their great performance.

My Opinion on Some Stocks on the Ghana Stock Exchange 

​Interesting trades on GSE today. After closer look, I’d like to state my stands on the following stocks:  (But guys, my views are just my views and not to facilitate any trades. You trade at your own risk. Call me if you don’t understand anything).

1: EGL – My position is HOLD. Buy strength now= 60% simply because I am expecting it to fall to Ghs 3.5 per share before rising again. The outlook for it seems great but actual trades and trends show something different.

2: GCB – My position is BUY. Buy strength now= 90%. Despite the current uncertainty regarding the UT – Capital bank takeovers. I am pretty positive it will go well hence the current falls being recorded on the exchange reflects those uncertainty.  Best time to buy.  My opinion though. Or better still hope it falls to ghs 3.8. (Might be too late though).

3: GOIL – My position is NEUTRAL. I guess this means my BUY or SELL strength every weak – 20%. Initial reviews showed a BUY position but Trend analysis showed that GOIL has not moved passed 3Ghc in more than 5years. Hence it’s peaking at 2.36. Some of my friends think otherwise.

4: HFC – My position is BUY. Strength = 100%. Why? Well this is another controversial one. Most people are saying it has peaked. I think different. I’m predicting a 20-30% rise after Rights issue.

5: CAL – My position is BUY. Strenth= 100%. I got convinced today after some heated discussion.

6: PBC – My position is BUY. Strength =70% . Why? Intuition. (Esp. If you think of long term). It’s at it’s five year low. Cheap enough.

7: TLW – My position  is HOLD. Strength = 60%. Why? Well, as ITLOS went well and Tullow is expected to begin production in the TEN fields. Expansion in Kenya is also coming. My stand is weak because the debt of the company is too much despite the massive reduction in debt this year.

Ok. So now you know my personal views. I have a more broader analysis on each stocks on GSE. I must say the future fie investing in shares look really bright. Take advantage of it and  make some money. Do reach me (Cell: +233-548547582) so we discuss more and invest more.


Twitter: @peagana

Investor desire mounts for medium to long term securities 

From January to August this year, the value of medium and long-term instruments sold by government is 80% more than what was sold for the same period last year. On the contrary, the value of short term instruments sold by government has been 49% less than completed bids for the same period last year.

source: FirstBanC Research Team

Drama on GSE as investing in stocks gets better

Crazily interesting things happening on the Ghana Stock Exchange. I just don’t understand how 100 shares traded in BOPP can move the price up by a whopping 9 pesewas to close at 5.75ghc per share. This move pushed BOPP higher in it’s YTD performance. GSE must do something about this kind of trades changing the entire price of a stock and affecting God knows how many investment portfolios worth billions of cedis.  
Another surprising move on the  exchange today is when  Enterprise Group Ltd dropped by more than 8%. There is definitely someone sweeping the market of all EGL shares ready for shares it’s just a buy buy buy for the person and a sell sell sell for those who might have bought it when it was around 2.47ghc some weeks ago. The drama on the market gets interesting every day and guys, there’s no where to be trading than on the Ghana Stock Exchange. 

My outlook for Enterprise Group Ltd is bright looking at the recently published in insurance industry averages in the B&FT hence I wonder why some people are getting out. Well, drama and sentiments makes investing better. 

Keeping Investing and Building Wealth. Do reach me (0548557582) when you want to trade some stocks and government securities.  

The Opportunity in Poor Performing stocks: A glance at GSE. 

Today marks the 5,074th trading session on the Ghana Stock Exchange and as at this point of the market and this year so far, below are the performers on the exchange considering their YTDs. (Courtesy: HFC Brokerage Ltd ).

Best Performers:

Worst Performers:

As you can see, the poor performing stocks have really fallen deep and for most of them, more falls are expected before the year ends.

However, as an investor, you should always look beyond the bleeding. They say, the seed must first fall on to the ground, get rotten before it can bear fruits.  And this is the case of some of these stocks. 

When stocks fall, do not panic, try to read more and look for the signs. First,  27th  signs or issues that could have cause the fall, then the hidden treasures behind the fall. When you do the due diligence well enough, you will be going in for more of the stocks and by so doing, you are buying at a low price. 

My biggest surprise on GSE so far is Tullow Oil. Most of the holders of this stock bought it at the IPO price of Ghc 30 (if my memory s is right) and now the stock has fallen to Ghc 17.74% recording a -34% loss this year alone. This particular fall, no doubt, was caused by the uncertainty of Tullow oils operations in the Boundary waters (which was in dispute). Just yesterday,  this verdict settles all cases and Tullow will resume operations. What do you expect will happen to the price on the exchange? Obviously and logically it should rise. How fast? I’m not sure but this is what should happen provided all things are constant. 

Pick up the other poor performing stocks and find out more about each of them and then invest wisely. You can reach out to me to find out more on the other stocks. 

Keep Investing in the Capital Market because that’s where the money is. 🙂 🙂